Our Story

Welcome to Biyalife !

Biyalife is a brand that is deeply passionate about the rich and vibrant heritage of Indian handicraft and handloom culture. Our mission is to showcase the exquisite beauty and intricate craftsmanship of traditional Indian art forms and support the artisans who create them.


True to the name !

The word "Biya" has different meanings in different languages. In Sanskrit, it means "Refined," which is reflective of our brand's commitment to providing high-quality, handcrafted products that are beautifully designed and expertly crafted. We strive to ensure that every piece in our collection is a testament to the refined skills and artistry of the artisans who create them.


In Arabic, "Biya" means "Gift of God," and we believe that our brand is a true gift to those who love and appreciate the beauty of traditional Indian handicrafts. We are dedicated to preserving and promoting these timeless art forms, which are truly a gift from the divine.


In Persian, "Biya" means "Blessed," and we feel blessed to be able to share the beauty and richness of Indian handicrafts and handloom culture with the world. We believe that our products are a true blessing to those who cherish the beauty and value of traditional, handmade goods.


Our Vision !

Biyalife's vision is to create a sustainable future by empowering local artisans, promoting natural fabrics, and championing environmentally-friendly practices in order to preserve the rich heritage of Indian handicraft and handloom culture.


Keeping our vision in focus, we work with local artisans and cooperatives across India to source the highest quality handmade products, including clothing, home decor, and accessories. Each piece is carefully selected for its beauty, quality, and cultural significance, and is designed to showcase the rich heritage of Indian handicrafts.


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